Who are we?

Maddison Lane is a Brisbane based Caravan Bar equipped with a 3m front service window, bar fridge, counter coolers, sink and a whole lot of personality, making her perfect for your next event. 

What do we do?

Servicing Brisbane and surrounds, we operate as a BYO bar, where our qualified bar staff manage your complete drinks menu. Whether a Wedding, Private Party, Media Launch or Photoshoot, Maddison Lane is a true showstopper at any event.

Where did we come from?

On the hunt for a new adventure, Maddison Lane was born in January 2018 when a run down 1969 Viscount Ambassador was located in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. 

Unbeknown to us, the real adventure started as soon as the caravan was hooked onto the car. In a very sad (and almost dangerous) state, we travelled 10 km under the speed limit to ensure we could get her back home in one piece.

After watching what was an eye saw on our driveway for approximately 12 months, it was finally time to for Maddison Lane to be reborn (about time!) and the planning to commence. 

After a month or so, the renovations led by my other (& better) half, Lane commenced. Dedicating several weeks to ensure my expectations were met, he stripped back the caravan and started from the bottom up. Lane fitted the caravan with a new floor, walls and ceiling along with a 3m serving window and skylight. 

Finished with a marble benchtop, sink, fridges, power and a fresh coat of paint - Maddison Lane was finally ready to be the life of the party!

We hope you are able to continue on the adventure with us and share a drink or two.

Maddie - Managing Director